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Your local expert. A boutique approach, backed by the region’s preeminent brokerage

The Reason

Standing apart by seamlessly fitting in.

At the end of the day, McLean isn't just a location for Jesse; it's home for him, his wife, and two daughters. While licensed across the DMV, Jesse is especially passionate about serving the community in which he lives. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he feels that McLean strikes the perfect balance between urban accessibility and suburban retreat. A recognized industry leader with a diverse portfolio of experience, Jesse takes immense pleasure in working with the sophisticated clientele who also call McLean home.

When choosing a real estate agent, you naturally seek someone with experience and a skillset that aligns with your goals. But what if that person also knew the best times to commute, the ideal sledding hills for snowy days, and was a patron of the same local businesses and restaurants that you frequent? The local connection is the ‘cherry on top’ when working with Jesse and his team.

The Approach

Bringing a boutique touch the business.

Exceptional service is born from the ability to comprehend an individual's distinct goals and motivations. It involves collaborating closely with them to craft a strategic roadmap for their future. Our success is defined by the enduring relationships we cultivate with our clients, underpinned by our decades of experience, unwavering discretion, and the refinement of the COMPASS real estate brand. When everybody with a license has access to the same information, who you work with matters more than ever. The unique skill sets brought to The Venture Group by Jesse and his team members, Marc and Stuart, coalesce to provide an unparalleled client experience. Working together, the Partners at The Venture Group are committed to not just helping you reach your goals, but to surpassing your expectations and creating a long lasting relationship along the way. Collaborating with our team offers the advantages of tapping into a wealth of resources and networks while still enjoying the personal touch and attention to detail that defines our boutique approach.


Expert guidance, in every aspect.

Successfully representing a Buyer is a balancing act …. You want a market expert with a deep understanding of the data, but you also want to serve as a tour guide. Knowing local sales data is a start, but shouldn’t your agent also know the best way into the city and how to avoid rush hour traffic. Alternatively, it’s great to have an agent that knows a place in town to grab lunch, but don’t you also want them to have a reputation with the other Agents and Builders in the area as a consummate professional and somebody they want to work with?

Who’s to say you can have both? As the Managing Partner of the Venture Group at Compass, Jesse approaches clients as a consultant, prioritizing empowerment over mere transactions. In an era dominated by AI and social media, Jesse's emphasis on listening and effective communication stands as a rare skill. Backed by the market-leading brokerage, Compass, Jesse and his team take pride in their boutique approach. Rooted in McLean, Jesse Sutton welcomes the opportunity to be your trusted real estate advisor.

A charming brick exterior with ample windows.


Creating a narrative.

There are two distinct target audiences in the process of selling a home: potential buyers and their Agents. Engaging potential buyers involves a two-phase approach. In the first phase, our focus is on grabbing their attention. Utilizing high-quality film and photo presentations, we aim to meet buyers where they are and to present your home in a way that aligns with their expectations and how they already consume their media. Unconscious bias and expectations dictate whether or not marketing material will resonate. Phase two takes some creativity – crafting a narrative about your property that allows potential buyers to envision themselves in it. Whether it's the convenient proximity to commuting routes, the appeal of being across the street from a fantastic school, or design features such as an opulent family room or professionally landscaped gardens, every home has a unique selling point. Our goal is to present these aspects in a way that is both unassuming and irresistibly captivating.

Capturing the attention of buyers' agents requires a different set of skills. It could involve understanding the idiosyncrasies of agents representing buyers in specific McLean neighborhoods or adopting creative approaches such as hosting a champagne open house for agents at sunset. There's always a creative angle that allows a home to stand out. The challenge is not identifying that unique angle, but rather it is knowing how to effectively optimize it.

The curation of a team brand takes the process one step further. From the moment a buyer and their agent step through the door, they step into an experience we’ve designed. From the inviting scent of the home to the thoughtfully arranged furniture and meticulously prepared marketing material, we leave no detail out. We welcome the opportunity to be your trusted real estate advisor.

A cozy living room with two gray-colored couches facing a fireplace.

McLean Homes For Sale

1422 Mayflower Drive
McLean, VA 22101
7 BD | 7.5 BA | ~6,555 SF

6121 Long Meadow Road
McLean, VA 22101
5 BD | 7.5 BA | ~5,770 SF

1233 Stuart Robeson Drive
McLean, VA 22101
3 BD | 5 BA | ~5,821 SF

1504 Laburnum Street
McLean, VA 22101
7 BD | 7.5 BA | ~9,062 SF

7400 Churchill Road
McLean, VA 22101
6 BD7 BA7,450 SF

1426 Cola Drive
McLean, VA 22101
6 BD | 8.5 BA | ~6,813 SF

935 Dead Run Drive
McLean, VA 22101
6 BD | 7 BA | ~8,612 SF

1610 Westmoreland Street
McLean, VA 22101
6 BD | 5.5 BA | ~4,821 SF

Open Houses In McLean

1400 Audmar Drive
McLean, VA 22101
4 BD | 3 BA | ~3,684 SF

1617 Kirby Road
McLean, VA 22101
5 BD | 6.5 BA | ~7,862 SF

4041 41st Street North
McLean, VA 22101
5 BD | 3.5 BA | ~3,905 SF

6503 Halls Farm Lane
McLean, VA 22101
6 BD | 8 BA | ~8,641 SF

Recently Sold in McLean

6368 Lynwood Hill Road
McLean, VA 22101
Last Sold Price
5 BD | 4.5 BA | ~4,950 SF

1437 Cola Drive
McLean, VA 22101
Last Sold Price
6 BD | 3 BA | ~3,550 SF

6433 Tucker Avenue
McLean, VA 22101
Last Sold Price
5 BD | 4.5 BA | ~4,254 SF

1303 Elsinore Avenue
McLean, VA 22102
Last Sold Price
5 BD | 3 BA | ~2,347 SF

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Up To Date McLean Market Data

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